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Thursday, 1 February 2018

I'm looking for a new job again.

Yep, looking for something else. While I have the time though I'm enjoying spending some time with my dogs.

I walked them separately so that they could go at their own pace. I think they had a great time.

An hour and a half with Troubs at full speed.

And 40 minutes with Niche at a much slower pace. 

I even got to spend some time with this monster... Before she bit me.

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

I'm getting quite excited about the idea of camping next spring.

I'm sitting watching youtube videos of people gardening in the spring and summer. I'm just waiting for winter to be over. I'm counting down for the shortest day. Just 2 days to go.

I've got lots of camping stuff on my Christmas list, I'm determined I will sleep better the next time we go camping. I've also bought myself a lovely purple allotment/camping chair with a pocket in the arm rest for a drink.

I really, really want to spend more time at the allotment this year. I also want to get the home garden sorted out as well. I have no idea how I'm going to manage it all but I'll do my best.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

"Day off" today.

I set off at 8am with Troubs and I walked her for about 95 minutes. I got home dropped Troubs off and walked Niche for 50 minutes. I also picked up an undelivered parcel from the post office. 
 I had my breakfast at around 11am and then I fed the chickens, washed the pots, did laundry and at 1pm I set off for the allotment. I walked to the allotment, weeded my lavender bed, planted my garlic (I know its late)
 and I dug over my potato bed. weeded it... Mostly, and broke up the soil. That beds going to have leeks and maybe onions in it 2018.
 After everything I'd done today I was knackered, so I walked back home and now I'm on the sofa with one dog and the cat. I have a cup of tea and very sore feet.
So its 3 o clock, I'm now going to "rest" on my day off. :P

Sunday, 5 November 2017


Well, I started my new job two weeks ago and I do not enjoy it, it means I am out of the house far too long. I am out from 6:15 am when I walk the dogs, get back at seven, eat my breakfast and then go to work. Then after I get back home at 6pm I'm out with the dogs till 7pm. (sometimes I am just too tired but it's what I try to do) I eat my dinner, have a shower and go to bed. And that's my day. My miserable, unhappy, unsatisfying day.

I don't know how people can stand it. Its fucking awful. I pay a lady to walk the dogs while I'm at work or I get family to come and let them out. At least my dogs are happy.

Sunday, 22 October 2017

I left the pumpkins as long as I could.

Well, I picked the home garden squashes 21st October 2017. I can't say that they amounted to much of anything thanks to the shade cast by next doors tree.  He has promised to cut the tree back quite a bit over the winter but I've mostly lost interest. We're hoping to move house next year. 
If I remember correctly I have two different types of squash in the picture and obviously some that aren't even old enough to be considered squash, but I'll cook with them anyway. I think they've done better than the allotment squash though as we barely even got leaves with those.

I did however get to buy something I've wanted to try for absolutely ages. Red bean Mochi. :) I bought it from an Asian supermarket near Nottingham along with some other stuff. (noodles, miso, radish etc)

Update: I have tried the mochi and I liked it. It's got a very subtle taste the red bean paste is mildly sweet and once you get over the texture (which is a little odd) It's nice. 8/10 :)  

Monday, 16 October 2017

Wind swept chooks

The wood chip that we added to the run about a month ago is really darkening and is starting to rot down now that the wet weather has arrived.
 This is dippy. We got home a little after dark last night after visiting my dad to watch the BFG and when I went to put the chickens to bed I could not find her.  I could hear some worried clucking around the compost pile but I just couldn't find her.
 Eventually when I moved a chicken fence that I'd saved to enlarge the compost, I saw her, right at the bottom of the compost pile, right in the corner. I climbed in and ferried her out and back to her coop. The OH thought I looked like a compost pile myself when I came back into the house. 

The babies are really happy with the big chickens now, although they still like to stick together. 

I bought them their own little coop to hide in if they need it. Although it's been dippy laying her eggs in it every day that's been giving it its most use.

 Poor Yellow is too fat to fit through the door very easily.
This is a collection of nasturtium and mashua. The nasturtium has the larger orange flowers and the mashua the small yellow trumpets and smaller leaves. 

I'm really happy with how well the Mashua has grown.